The carrier agrees to transport the property described herein subject to the terms and conditions prescribed by the Public Commercial Vehicles Act and Regulations of Québec, except as hereinafter provided, and in accordance with the rules and regulations published in the carriers Tariff of Tolls in effect on the date here of to which the shipper assents and as evidence there of accepts this receipt.


Unless the parties agree otherwise in writing, the carrier shall not be liable for any special consequential or other damages caused by mere delay in the delivery in a shipment, regardless of the cause of such delay.

Limits of liability:

Carrier shall not be liable for any loss, damage, destruction or unreasonable delays arising from the following causes:

  1. Acts of God, the Queen’s or public enemies;
  2. Riots;
  3. Strikes;
  4. Authority of law;
  5. Defect of inherent vice in the goods shipped;
  6. Act of default of the shipper or owner of the goods,
  7. Nuclear reaction, radiation or radioactive contamination.

declared value of shipments:


Carrier’s liability of any loss, damage or injury to a shipment shall not exceed the lesser of $2.00 per pound or $50.00 unless;

  1. The shipper and carrier specifically agree otherwise in writing and the shipper or class of shippers is named in carrier’s cargo insurance policy; or;
  2. A higher value is declared on the face on the bill of lading by the consignor, and an additional transportation charge of $3.00 per $100.00(of fraction thereof) of such higher declared value is paid to the carrier. The carrier shall not be required to accept any shipment with a declared value of excess of $500.00 unless agreed to prior in writing by the carrier.


Any damage must be noted on Pro Bill at time of delivery otherwise consignee’s signature will constitute a clear receipt.  Any notice of concealed damage must be given to the carrier within 24 hours after delivery.  The carrier will not be liable for such damage or any los unless written notice thereof is given to it within 10 days after the shipment was received by it for carriage